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Wedded bliss(?)

mockmozzer: Well then, I may stand by my ground to cast him as the hairdresser
Jonny Lee Mimic: Haha you're quite evil sir. Don't you know y=he's my lesbian beer.
Jonny Lee Mimic: um. that came out all wrong. i meant to say he's m y lesbian bride.
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It was an honest typo.
Aren't they all, though?

Did you know that you've created an English sublanguage just based on your chat transcripts?
Dear god, you have a large tongue, Moz.
You hadn't guessed by now?

It does come in handy.
I'm to be the best man.
No Bridesmaid dress? A shame.
Seeing as how I doubt either of them will ever agree to wear a wedding dress, I'd imagine I'll be in the only one in a dress. The sacrifices we girls make to watch our boyfriend marry one of our dearest friends...
Jonny's worn a dress on occasion, I swear.
I know he has, but last I knew they were still arguing about who would be wearing it, so I figure it's just easier if I volunteer to wear one. No offense to either of them, but I think I'll look better in it anyways. They're babies and wouldn't want to shave their legs.
I've shaved my legs before, thank you very much. Dress doesn't bother me, I just think it would be a nice change to see him in one.
...but he has worn one before. I swear I remember it recently, even. If you both wear dresses, I'll wear a suit of some sort, how's that?
I have photgraphic evidence of the dress wearing in question, if it's needed. There's even a little datestamp on the photo.

I say they both wear dresses and be done with it. Aren't they both Lesbians?

Oh wait, then that would signify that they'd both be wearing pants, wouldn't it?
I think it might be necessary, yes. I mean, I believe it, but it seems Damon does not. And it's always amusing to see.

Haha, well, considering they're special lesbians, I think that they should be wearing dresses then. Look at us, planning their wedding. That's a bit odd.
Yes it is. Considering...
...considering, like I said before, it's my boyfriend and one of my best friends? Yes, a bit odd, but what can you do but accept it with a sigh...
My typical response to everything, then?
Is that your typical response? Honestly, that's frightening.

Hang loose, dude.
That's not what I'm doing there and I think we've discussed that ;-)
Rock on, then?
No! I just looked and I was waving at the camera, that's all! Silly.
You definitely have your thumb and pinkie finger extended. I think you're secretly a rocker chick.